Blanket Field Trip Forms

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Students from time to time throughout the year, will participate in field studies where students walk within the Annie L. Gaetz School and Morrisroe community.  

Beginning this year, field study consent forms are completed on  Powerschool Parent Portal.  

In order for your child to participate in these community walks, parents/guardians are required to complete the consent form on the parent portal.   When you are logged on, please choose the “Student Fee/Online Payments” tab.  You will see the “Walking Field Studies” consent form to be completed under that tab.

It is important to make sure you follow the information and directions at the bottom of the form to make sure you submit it properly.  (See notes in green on the online form).  For families who have more than one child in our school, when logged on to your parent portal you will have one form under each student’s profile that will need to be completed.

If at any time you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at 403-347-5660.  

Powerschool Parent Portal