Larry Hartel

Administrators - Principal

32 Mitchell Ave
About Me

I was raised on a farm north of Lloydminster.  I moved to the Edmonton to work as cancer researcher after highschool and university.  I then decided to move into teaching after 4 years as researcher. I started teaching in Rimbey where I taught  Biology 10, 20 and 30, then moved to Red Deer with the opening of Glendale Junior High.  I taught 6-9 Science and outdoor ed. at Glendale. After 8 years I moved to Central Junior High as VP. I then moved to Westpark Middle School as Principal, then back to Central as Principal, back to Glendale as Principal and now here I am at Annie L Gaetz as Principal.

My wife is an oncology nurse navigator at RDRH. I am the father of 2 great young men, Cass and TJ.  Father in Law to two lovely ladies Jessica and Jessica.  Grandfather to two fantastic girls, Evie and Lena. I have a number of Nephews and Nieces and a large extended family.

I currently love motorbiking to places all over Alberta, hiking to places where few have been, biking down the mountain trails, kayaking on the rivers and lakes, travelling to warm places, sitting and reading by a lake, on a beach or under a tarp on rainy days camping.  I love hanging out with wife, family, grandchildren and watching sunsets.

I really look forward to working here as Annie L Gaetz, as we position ourselves as one of the best places in Red Deer to bring a child to learn and grow.